“Ross Nyberg Mastering is the grooviest! He’s not afraid to make changes when needed and be an effective part of our process. I rely on his ear and knowledge of his great gear to be the final step in our audio productions.
Thanks for all the music buddy”
Greg Williamson
owner Pony Boy Records

“Ross just mastered my debut CD “After Hours” and I can’t say enough about how amazing he made it sound.  Can you say BIG?? I mean it’s huge sounding!! It’s ain’t easy mastering a project with lots of bass guitar and synth bass tracks on each tune, but he made it sound so pure and at the same time BUMPIN’ on the bottom end. Ross………..you got it man!! Thanks soooooo much and see you next project.
Joe Plass
bassist Kenny G, Shock

“Ross Nyberg! Seriously fantastic job mastering Jamie Dieveney’s new album. A wonderful signal path combined with skilled execution combined with great ears combined with musicianship and a truckload of taste—a recipe for a great-sounding album. Excellent work, Ross! And on top of it all, you’re a great guy and your room doesn’t suck in any way!  …or…your room looks, feels, and sounds incredible! Very nice working with you! I’ll be back…”
Bill Gibson
producer, author, educator
Developmental Editor, Hall Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group

”I brought a challenging project to Ross, a movie soundtrack with diverse musical styles and tracks created in different studios around the world. He quickly put me at ease in his comfortable mastering studio, organized the files and started the mastering process. Ross is an experienced professional with finely tuned ears. He masterfully manipulated the tracks to create a three dimensional sonic landscape that was coherent from track to track. Ross is a wonderful collaborator. He would identify and clarify sonic details and ask for my input on the treatment. Ross’s studio delivered one of the best listening experiences of my life and I am delighted with the results of my mastered soundtrack album. Money very well spent. Ross Nyberg Mastering is my first choice for mastering.”
Phil McCoy
Executive Producer
Spiral Productions LLC

“Pearl Django has used Ross Nyberg for mastering on a number of occasions and the result has always been complete satisfaction.  Ross had also given us the opportunity to review his work, quickly and easily before giving our final approval.  And, for a reasonable price, gave us an extra high resolution disc to be used for download versions of the material.  We would recommend his mastering service to everyone.”
Rick Leppanen
bassist Pearl Django / Modern Hot Records

“Ross Nyberg mastered two of my albums, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. His work brought warmth, depth, clarity, and sparkle to the tracks, and he is flexible and easy to work with. In addition to being a master at his craft and having huge ears, Ross is passionate about music and is a player himself which gives him an even deeper perspective.”
Steve Treseler

“We are absolutely thrilled with the entire experience at Ross Nyberg Mastering. Ross’s facility is wonderful – the atmosphere is light and inviting, his equipment is absolutely top notch and the room sounds superb. Ross was warm and attentive, paying particular attention to the nuances of the performances and really brought out the best in our product. His recommendations were right on and the final product sounds great. We’re beginning preproduction on our next project and look forward to working with Ross again. Thanks Ross!”
Tom Roalkvam
bassist, The Burren Boys,
Executive Vice President of BSW (Broadcast Supply Worldwide)

“Ross has mastered numerous projects of mine over the last 15 years, and he’s the best. Great room and gear, but most importantly great ears and musical and sonic knowledge. His masters are always full sounding, with depth, warmth and clarity. The ‘go to’ guy in the Northwest, or anywhere.”
Chuck Deardorf, bassist
Origin Records Artist

“I have been lucky enough to work with Ross on all three of my CD releases. The last project I did with Ross was recorded mostly live, and came back from him sounding warmer, rounder, and more full than I could have imagined. My specific requests were all addressed. He is a magician who knows all the spells. I feel so fortunate to be able to call on him for my mastering needs!”
Katya Chorover

“Ross just mastered my new album “Guitar Nerd”, and I’m totally thrilled with the results… he initially asked me to send him one track to master, to see if I liked his approach- when I got it back I was knocked out! Thanks Ross!!”
Pete Thorn
(Don Henley, Chris Cornell, Melisa Etheridge, Courtney Love, Alicia Keys)

“I’ve had the pleasure of mastering albums with Ross as an artist myself and producer for other artists and he’s never let me down. I’ve found over the years that the recording engineers I like the best are usually good musicians themselves and Ross falls into that category. I first met him several years ago when he was running his own recording studio and later found out what a fine guitarist he is. Not too long after that he started doing mastering and now, several thousand projects later, he has all the technical skill and expertise that you would ever look for in a mastering engineer, but the thing that makes his work stand out is simply- greatears. He knows when the music sounds good and he knows how to make it sound better with the touch he adds. He can handle any style but I think he especially makes acoustic music and jazz projects sparkle.”
Orville Johnson
Musician, producer, contributing editor Acoustic Guitar

“Ross took the utmost care with my project. From the beginning to the very end he treaded it like it his own. He faced (and resolved) each challenge with aplomb. Ross has earned his excellent reputation and I’m glad I was steered his way.
Matt Frazier
Avid/Pro Tools Sales Manager, songwriter, singer, drummer

“Ross puts an incredible polish on any recording. He has extraordinary ears that will literally hear things you can’t perceive, and the musical sensitivity to turn your sounds into a great finished product. Plus, he’s great to work with. I’ve mastered two projects in Ross’ studio, and look forward to working with him remotely on the next.”
Dave Anderson
PonyBoy Records Artist

“I had heard nothing but good things about Ross over the years and was very exited to send our new album to him for mastering and he did not disappoint.  He was extremely easy and flexible to work with and really brought out the best in our record.  The master sounds great on every sound system we’ve been able to throw it at.  I will definitely be using him again for any future projects.”
Nate Rich
“Vile Red Flacons” guitarist

“Ross has the best ears of ANYONE we have every met. He is honorable, considerate, and a consummate professional. There is no one better, bar none in the industry.”
Dave Peck
Let’s Play Stella Records

“I have worked with Ross for 30+ years. We have done countless music projects together and Ross always comes through knowing just what to do. He is the best in the business and is the “Go to guy” for all my serious music projects.”
Ron Foos
producer, bassist
(Stevie Wonder, Randy Bachman, Bill Medley, Paul Revere)

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